Welding Instructor

Joe Galindo

Joe is a highly skilled union sheet metal journey worker with a passion for excellence in his craft. His journey into the trade began in 2005 when he started his apprenticeship at SMART Local 206. He later transferred to SMART Local 44 in Pennsylvania, where he successfully finished his apprenticeship and earned his journey card.

Throughout his career, Joe has consistently aimed to be among the best in his field. His diverse experience includes working for companies such as Air Balance Engineers, Power Mechanical, A.O. Reed, and Control Air. In these roles, he has served in various capacities, showcasing his versatility as a journey worker, leadperson, and foreperson. In 2017, Joe started working at the Sheet Metal JATC San Diego as a welding instructor.  

Joe’s expertise extends across all disciplines in sheet metal, a testament to his comprehensive training and knowledge. Regardless of the task at hand, Joe approaches it with a can-do attitude, ensuring that any challenge presented to him is met with determination and skillful execution.

One of Joe’s most memorable projects was one that took place on the campus of Maryland University. Reflecting on this experience, Joe fondly recalls the vibrant atmosphere of the campus, where the students, staff, and surrounding community were continuously cheerful and welcoming.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys painting pumpkins, visiting amusement parks, and relaxing on the beach.

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