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The sheet metal industry seeks highly proficient and driven individuals to join our trade. The Sheet Metal Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee San Diego provides courses that deliver top-notch education and training, tailored to pave the way for a fulfilling and lucrative career as a union sheet metal craftsperson. As an apprentice, engage in both hands-on training and classroom learning, acquiring practical expertise alongside mastering the technical facets of the industry. Enjoy receiving a paycheck while you learn. Best of all, your training is free.

5 Year Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship Income & Benefits

1st Year Apprenticeship

In the first year of the apprenticeship, the sheet metal worker earns an hourly wage of $25.55 along with additional benefits. This translates to an annual wage of $51,636, not including the added value of the benefits received.

3rd Year Apprenticeship

By the third year, which marks more than halfway through the apprenticeship, the hourly wage sees a significant increase to $31.33, accompanied by benefits. Annually, this amounts to $63,658, plus the benefits that enhance the overall compensation package.

5th Year Apprenticeship Completion

Upon completing the 5th year of the apprenticeship, a sheet metal worker’s hourly wage reaches $38.08, along with continuing benefits. The annual wage at this stage is $76,700, excluding the additional benefits, reflecting the increased skill and experience gained over the five-year period.

Annual Benefits:  Retirement, family medical, dental and vision.

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The sheet metal industry offers more variety and job opportunities than any other trade.  No two days are alike and the possibilities are endless. Discover a great opportunity for a long-term career that is satisfying, pays well and contributes to your community.

“I wish I had joined the sheet metal apprenticeship when I was 18, but I am glad I am here now. It’s never too late to begin, but the earlier you start, the greater the rewards and benefits.”
Crystal Heidloff
3rd Year Apprentice
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