Lorenzo Miles

After graduating from high school, Lorenzo enrolled in a community college with the intention of joining the surgical technician program. He completed his prerequisite courses successfully. However, while waiting for the program to start, Lorenzo needed to find employment. He found work at a nonunion production shop. When his supervisor decided to go back into […]

Liz Gaytan

Liz began her post-secondary education at City College. She transferred to San Diego State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Liz worked for Westfield, a Shopping Retail Development company, for more than 20 years.  She held positions in mall management, first as a Customer […]

David Fox

David completed his education at ITT Technical Trade School in 1997, specializing in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). This qualification opened the door to a position at University Mechanical Contractor (UMEC). The CAD expertise prepared him well for a role in detailing. He completed his apprenticeship with the Local 206 Sheet Metal JATC San Diego training […]

Esteban Sandoval

Esteban is a 2022 graduate of the Local 206 Sheet Metal JATC San Diego apprenticeship program. His interest in the building trades was sparked through welding, and later developed into a pre-construction specialty while working as an Estimator and Mechanical Detailer. Hired as a full-time instructor in April of 2023, Esteban has since earned AWS […]

Joe Galindo

Joe is a highly skilled union sheet metal journey worker with a passion for excellence in his craft. His journey into the trade began in 2005 when he started his apprenticeship at SMART Local 206. He later transferred to SMART Local 44 in Pennsylvania, where he successfully finished his apprenticeship and earned his journey card. […]

Matt Nicolaysen

Matt’s journey in the trade began as a means to fund his college education. After spending three months as a Technician Trainee, he was approached by his company with the opportunity to become an apprentice. Despite initially envisioning an office-based career, Matt discovered he had a passion for building things. Contrary to prevalent negative stereotypes […]

Richard Lightfoot

Rich’s journey into the trades started 20 years ago working as a welder in a nonunion shop. Frustrated with the lack of a raise, a suggestion led him to join the sheet metal union the next day. Fourteen years into the trade Rich decided to go into teaching with a specialty in safety after being […]

Chris Wright

Chris started working for Jackson & Blanc in 1986 as a parts driver and joined Local 230 as a technician. While at the company, he performed unit installation and sheet metal work. In 1994 he joined Local 206 and started working for Southland Industries as a Testing and Balancing (TAB) Technician and sheet metal HVAC […]

Andrew Brasington

The journey through the sheet metal trade for Andrew has been long and enriching, beginning in 1984. At that time, a career was not the focus; Andrew was merely 21 years old and sought to earn a living. The trade offered many fascinating aspects such as electrical work, controls, plumbing, pipefitting, service, testing, balancing, and […]

Tatjana “TJ” Sebro

After a dead-end road full of late nights and early mornings due to juggling two to three jobs, Tatjana realized it was finally time to pursue a distant dream of joining the trades. At the time she had no idea sheet metal would “take the win” but after educating herself on the different trades, she […]

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